About Frolic & Footle - Handmade Shades

Frolic & Footle hand make lampshades that are a bit different and have a little bit of personality! They stand out from the crowd. All lovingly handmade on the edge of the Cotswolds. Thanks for stopping by to find out about us.

My Story? Well I just want to make beautiful things for your home…..

I have always loved pattern, colour, fabric, stationery and of course, interiors…..Lady Orla K being my absolute favourite and probably adorns a few too many of my belongings. Combine that with difficulty finding a lampshade for my children’s room that wasn’t twee and have teddy bears on…… and Frolic & Footle – Handmade Shades was born.

And I love her. I don’t know what she will end up being yet. Right now, I am very happy with her being a provider of handmade lampshades in wonderful fabrics that I come across, mainly from UK designers and suppliers. But the opportunities are endless…..

But, if nothing else comes of F&F, I have already learnt so much about starting a creative business. I have met some wonderful people within my local area and Instagram along the way – mama networks, crafters, business owners, all trying to make a living in the most creative way possible, and doing what they love. I want to be part of that! They have inspired me, given me pep talks at the right time and kept me on the right track.

What’s next? Printing? Expanding to homewares? …..Who knows but I really can’t wait! Want to join me for the ride?

Lucy x